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Whether you are finishing residential drug treatment, or just having trouble staying off of drugs and alcohol, we have a long-term transitional treatment program outside of Portland, Oregon. At Clean Adventures Oregon, we not only help you stay clean and sober, but also how to apply the tools of sobriety to everyday life.

There are many challenges when you first get clean and sober. Where will I find meetings? Where do I find work? How do I get a place to live? What do I do to have fun?”

At Clean Adventures Oregon, LLC., we can help you solve all of those problems. We help you take all the skills you learned in residential treatment and transfer the skills of sobriety into society with our long-term transitional living program.

Being with other guys, you will have a safe place to stay that is drug and alcohol free, with food provided. We help you create resumes, do mock interviews, or complete your financial aid forms. However you want your outpatient drug treatment to look, we will help you get there.

We take smaller trips each week – hiking in the Gorge, the city, or in the mountains. Fishing along the Willamette river for Salmon and Steelhead is another smaller excursion. The larger excursions – three day fishing trips in Central Oregon, skiing on Mt. Hood, or deep sea fishing on the Oregon Coast happen about every six weeks. We already have a rafting trip booked for this summer! What are you waiting for? Let us provide you outpatient treatment with a residential level of support. Call today! 855-770-0577